OTH, which is directed by Mark Schwahn is a teen television drama series. As a first premier, it was shown on The WB television work on September 23, 2003. The show continued on The WB until May 3, 2006. The fourth season continued on The CV September 27, 2006. It is on Mondays at 9.00 pm. Main characters of the series are Lucas Scott (Chad Micheal Murry), Nathan Scott (James Lafferty), Peyton Sawyer (Hilarie Burton), Haley James Scott (Bethany John Galeotti), Dan Scott (Paul Johansson), Brooke Davis (Sophie Bush), McFadden (Lee Norris), Deb Scott(Barbara Alyn Woods), Karen Roe (Moira Kelly), Coach Whitey Durham (Barry Corbin), Keith Scott (Craig Sheffer).

Main Staring Characters

      as LUCAS SCOTT

    Chad Michael Murray currently stars as Lucas Scott on The CW's hit drama, "One Tree Hill." Murray's previous television roles included playing the love interest to Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams' characters on "Dawson's Creek." He also appeared as the overconfident classmate to Alexis Bledel's character on "Gilmore Girls."



    Audiences are familiar with Hilarie Burton from her work as one of MTV's hottest VJs. With a presence in network and cable TV, radio and soon, the big screen, she is one of the hottest young stars of today.

Sarasota Film Festival and honored with a special "Outstanding Ensemble Acting" Award.

Shortly after moving to New York to pursue her dream, she landed the coveted job of VJ at MTV and her role on "One Tree Hill. Burton resides in Wilmington, North Carolina, where "One Tree Hill" is filmed.


James Lafferty returns for a fifth season to The CW's hit drama "One Tree Hill," as Nathan Scott, a rare character whose journey has evolved from spoiled basketball prodigy to husband and father.

Born and raised in Hemet, California, Lafferty spent much of his childhood hanging out with friends and his younger brother, Stuart, taking acting classes and playing basketball, his two passions in life. He has also made guest appearances on "Once and Again," "Boston Public" and HBO's "Unscripted."When he isn't working, Lafferty spends his time going to movies, hanging out with friends and playing basketball.


Seasons’ Overview

            First of all, it is the first season which deals with the first half of the junior years of Lucas, Peyton, Haley and Brooke. It mainly includes the rivalry between Nathan and Lucas, who are in fact two brothers resulting from the relationship between Haley and Nathan’s relationship. There also exists a real love triangle of Peyton-Lucas-Brooke while Nathan and Lucas are dealing with the basketball state championship.. 

            Surprisingly, new romances between Lucas and Anna, Jake and Peyton are explored in the second season. Moreover, the symptoms of Dan’s genetic disease Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy are seen especially on Lucas. Karen gets a new start to the school again and also a new relationship with her teacher, who is Andy Hargove. 

           Moreover, the third season gives the sign of the arrival of trouble-marker Rachel Gatina, who is in the pursuit of stirring drama in the relationship between Lucas and Brooke. Peyton and Jake’s relationship come close to the end. However, there exists good news about Haley and Nathan relationship. They reconcile and plan a wedding. The major episode including the main cast is Dan’s murder of his brother.

           Furthermore, the second Peyton-Lucas-Brooke love triangle is seen in the fourth season. Haley's pregnancy is threatened by Nathan's risky forays into gambling and loan sharks. Lucas is in the aim of looking for the truth behind his uncle's death, which leads him to suspect Dan when Dan is rekindling his romance with Karen. There is also the growing friendship between Rachel and Brooke. The season builds up to the group's graduation from High School and features each character's struggle to decide future plans.

            Amazingly, the fifth season comes up with a jump forward in time. It is 4-plus years and the years in the gap are shown in flashbacks. Lucas, a published author, is in a committed relationship with his editor, who is Lindsey. The marriage of Haley and Nathan goes into crisis as Nathan faces major depression. Brooke looks for life beyond success in her work life, and helps Peyton launch a music label. In the end, Lucas, Skills and Nathan return to the Tree Hill Ravens as coaches.

             Finally, it is the sixth season which is shown from the series so far. It features the progression of the relationship of Peyton and Lucas as they are also in the way of getting married while dealing with Peyton's dangerous pregnancy. Lucas’ book is optioned for a movie. The main cast of the episode includes Mouth and Millie's work on their relationship as Nathan and Haley to reach for their individual dreams.

           As the next season, it is seventh season that includes new characters such as Haley's sister Quinn; Nathan's agent Clayton; and Alexis, the new face of Clothes Over Bros. With lots of secrets, it is coming soon…keep on watchingJ


If I had a chance …..:)

     While watching it, I really wonder how Lucas will act in the scenarios that require his talented abilities after thinking on the issues. He has really admirable features in the respect of acting. The happenings to him, problematic relationships, his wedding, getting success under the pitiful looks around even at the beginning are really hard to deal with; however he has the ability to deal with all these in a talented manner. Thus, if I had a chance, I would be “NathanJ


My Ending

    If I were the director, I would end these series with a happy ending for Lucas. A brand new start would happen in the relationship between Lucas and Peyton, which is the thing I really want from the beginning.












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